CanadianSME Small Business Podcast

Discussing Black Entrepreneurship with Mona-Lisa Prosper

Episode Notes

With Diversity & Inclusion as core values, Futurpreneur supports young Canadian entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, helping them launch and grow successful businesses. They launched this tailored version of their core Startup Program specifically to help address some of the barriers to success faced by many aspiring Black entrepreneurs face. This program is funded by RBC, with additional loan financing from BDC.

We recently got the chance to sit with Mona-Lisa the Director of futurpreneur's Black Entrepreneur Startup Program. A lawyer by trade, she also gained experience in entrepreneurship, human resources and economic development through her diverse career. She is very involved in her community, she is the President of the Women’s Young Chamber of Commerce of Québec and sits on multiple other boards. A proud ambassador of the importance of inclusive governance, she is also involved with different organizations promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

In this podcast, she discussed the inspiration behind the launch of this program, and how has the program helped black entrepreneurs in Canada start and grow their businesses, she also shared some of the other exciting initiatives Futurpreneur has launched in support of Black entrepreneurs.